Gary Perkins And The Breeze

Garry Parkins And The Breeze


What better way to bring to an end to Towerfest 2018 than with the amazing Gary Perkins and the Breeze. This band has been together since 1995 with very few changes and remains one of the most popular and requested bands at all the UK festivals. The whole band were born to entertain and that is exactly what they do. Fronted by Gary Perkins on acoustic guitar and vocals, Andy Mottram on lead guitar, vocals and heart throb. Steve Morris is the very energetic keyboard player. Adrian Fountain on bass who matches the energy of his two wing men. Dan Wright the rhythm section of the team. This band has been nominated and awarded more accolades than any other band on the whole Country Music Circuit in the UK today. We are sure when they take to the stage you will see why. They play a great mix of self pended and covers but all with a sprinkle of originality and flare. It's all about enjoyment with these when you see them performing their amazing routines as well as their own undoubted love of music. Watch out for Gary’s split personality as well as he has a habit of turning into John Denver. You won’t just sit back and watch our final act of 2018 you will be sure to join in the fun. All we can guarantee is when these guys take to the stage is that the unpredictable is going to be predicted or is the predictable Unpredicted. Sure we will find out.

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