Hillbilly Deluxe (Scotland)

The Hillbilly Deluxe Band


Hillbilly Deluxe started in Glasgow in 2009 with Ritchie Morton on Vocals, Chris Devoti on Lead Guitar, Steve Frank on Bass/Backing Vocals and Shane D'Mont on Drums. During this time they played at numerous festivals across the UK including Americana and were one of the first acts to play on BBC Alba's Ceol Country. Sadly the band went their separate ways in 2011 leaving Ritchie Morton and Steve Frank to form the duo Chasin' the Wind. In 2015 Ritchie and Steve decided to reform Hillbilly Deluxe to continue to bring modern country into the UK Country Music Scene, with the backing of a full band of experienced musicians. Recruiting Ally Brown, Darren Mackay and Mickey Vicary to join them. After extensive rehearsals the band  had a great run of gigs in 2016 & 2017 and are pushing for much more in the future. Ritchie Morton the lead singer has been singing on the country scene for the past 10 years as one of the original members of Hillbilly Deluxe and also with Chasin the Wind. Steve Frank, Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals hails from Newcastle playing in a Blues/Rock band The Good Old Boys before he moved up to Glasgow and joined Midnight Rebels also a founder member of the original Hillbilly Deluxe. Ally Brown, Lead Guitar / Acoustic and Electric Guitar is a multi-instrumentalist. New to the country scene, worked with many Glasgow bands since 2010. Darren Mackay is new to Hillbilly Deluxe and the country scene much like Ally but has tons of performing experience which he has brought to enhance the band. Mickey Vicary completes the bands line up has been playing drums for over 40 years for various artists and has toured extensively in Europe including playing with Steve in The Good Old Boys. Let's all follow their futures as they unfold.

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