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Trey Jackson



Trey Jackson is returning to the Towerfest stage once again. He first appeared here as a showcase at the start of his country music career.

Over the last four years, Trey has travelled to the furthest reaches of the UK and into Europe to perform his show, a far cry from the nervous figure that stood on the stage at Towerfest as the first artist to be offered the showcase slot at this great festival.

Born in 1981.  Trey Jackson grew up in a family that had music at it's core. Living in Newcastle all his life, there is no doubt this charming young man is a Geordie through and through.

His earliest memory was sitting on his granddad's lap and listening to him sing country songs, he would often sing and play guitar to a young trey, his taste was certainly for the classic country, singing songs that tell a story was always his thing, music from his mother introduced him to Rock and Roll, getting a sample of music from that era really set him up to explore his tastes further.

Growing up there was always a record playing, family get togethers inevitably ended up in a impromptu jam session. Alot of the family played but none of them really sang, so when he was old enough he was given a mic and told to sing, as it turned out the problem was never getting Trey onto a stage, but rather getting him off, he would perform whenever he could being on stage as young as the age of 5. Throughout his school years he would play in various different bands, always taking the chance to perform.

In the 4 years along with many other things he has released three albums, his newest Lonely Road being released in March 2017, and enjoys radio play across the UK, he was also a part of the Live, Laugh, Linedance show on SKY television.

In his first year he was nominated for the prestigious BCMA Horizon award and ultimately came second to the now Nashville bound act The Shires.

A year later and he claimed his first award, winning the inaugural best newcomer at the CCN awards.

In 2017 he was nominated for Best Solo at the CCN awards, and has continued to grow as an artist building a formidable repertoire covering classic country, modern country and also the latest linedance tracks.

In a very short space time accolades have poured in from all sides, his vocal style and quality would not be out of place on any Nashville stage.

Dont Miss this great show !!

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