Bandlands Country Band

Badland Country Band


Badlands Country. A 4 piece, all-live country band, based in and around Sheffield. The result of a shared belief that live music still has a major part to play in the ever evolving UK Country Circuit, and a collective enjoyment of the music they play. With the view that a quality country song will always stand out, they look to chose material from all eras, old and new to put together a show that will appeal to a wide audience, and delivered and performed with energy and enjoyment, always! They are:

Phil Holden‘s (Guitar/ Vocals) first musical memories were listening to mum and dads record collection,  a favourite then  (and now) was John D. Loudermilks  ‘You take the table, and I’ll take the chairs’  by Bob Gallion.  Phil has always liked melodic music, especially acoustic stuff  and  likes various genres of music, some very obscure ! Since joining Badlands, he has been very impressed with the knowledge and appreciation of country music folk, and hopes he can enjoy many more gigs with you all.

Pete  Morgan (Bass) grew up listening to Chet Atkins, James Burton and Les Paul wondering how they did that -he's still wondering. That's why he took up bass! After forty years in the wilderness of mainly Rock and Blues, ( but always with a healthy smattering of the likes of The Eagles, Hal Ketchum, Johnny Cash and some great Rock and Roll classics - it weren't all bad!) a certain left handed guitar player said to him "have a listen to these country songs." He did, and a few weeks later Badlands was in rehearsals....

Ash Thompson (Drums) was inspired to take up drumming listening to bands such as Queen, Hanoi Rocks and his Finish favourites The 69 Eyes. Having played in both covers and original bands over the years, and being eclectic with his music interests and enjoying Country music throughout life, it certainly took no persuasion to embark on his favourite passion of hitting the highway with Badlands.

Russ Kitchin (Lead Guitar/ Vocals) has been playing music (piano originally, then guitar) since the age of 8, and loves the style and sounds of Roy Nichols, Brad Paisley, Marty Stuart, Brent Mason, Vince Gill and so many other quality Nashville players and singers. He cites Roger Miller’s “King of the Road” as the first country song he really remembers, and still loves the classics amongst the more modern country styles he generally prefers.



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