Calico Country Duo


Calico were formed in 1999 with the intention of being a professional and exciting line dance band with a modern, punchy, driving sound. This they achieved were proud to have received three consecutive Crystal Boot awards for "Dedicated Dance Artist" they understand that having the right blend of personalities has proven paramount to the band's success. Now playing as a duo, Calico continue to do what they do best! Nikky Napier is the founder member of Calico a lady with amazing stage presence and determination. With the guidance of close friend Glenn Rogers, she has progressed from pop and rock to bring her powerful voice to the line dance and country circuit. With Nikky's talent pushing Calico to be a top class dance act also steered her into learning songs in other languages & is renowned for the "Spanish numbers". Her hard work and dedication in both live and recording sessions has earned her the respect of everyone that works with her. Darren Flack​ started playing guitar from an early age, writing and performing his own compositions in various bands, More recently playing alongside Natalie Thurlow in Carbon Copy. An accomplished lead guitarist with a rich history in music, Darren has joined Nikky on this adventure looking to bring his own style and flare to Calico and help keep the duo at the top of their profession.


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