Jonny & Lynnette
Jonny and Lynnette take over our blue room to keep the listeners totally happy for our opening evening of entertainment. A top duo with their own style and masive following.
Since 1999 Calico have been at the top of everyone's list of entertainers. Dancers and listeners alike enjoy their highly polished act. Opening our entertainment here on the Thursday night in our club room we are sure to have a capacity audience. What a way to start Towerfest 2018
Darren Knight
Returning to Towerfest Darren is sure to please his audience as you will see he really loves what he is doing and his passion to entertain spills through.
Born and christened “Peter” he has for the last 35 years been more generally known by his nickname of 'Pedro' – His vast musical career started in Country with him playing bass guitar, then bass guitar and vocals, and then as one of the founder-members of ‘Tallahassee’ in the mid-eighties he developed into one of the main vocalists as well.
Darren Busby
What can be possibly said about Darren Busby that has not already been said. One of the most popular entertainers to visit any of our events who will always go that extra mile to please the audience. Returning here to Towerfest we are sure he will make your afternoon special.
Stone Cold Country
“Stonecold” Country are a Country music duo made up of a father and son, both Ray and Steve have been on the country scene for many years. Equally at home in a concert situation or line dance show, the duo perform the most up to date country dance tracks to good old country classics. Details Coming Soon
The Diamondbacks
Towerfest welcomes this brand new outfit and we are sure you will find them amazing. The UK country scene is bracing itself for a whole new sound – Country With Attitude! That’s how The Diamondbacks describe their music. Is it traditional? Yes. Is it unconventional? Yes. Is it original? Yes.
The Boxcar Kelly Band
This 6 piece band they have an extensive playlist to cover all types of events. Full line dance and partner dance events, old to new style country and everything in between. Kelly, gifted with a strong authentic American country voice at the helm effortlessly makes this band special. They look forward to entertaining you at Towerfest 2018.
Miki Peters
Miki Peter is a International,Recording Artist with a voice that will live in your heart forever. Covering popular traditional sounds, Line Dance songs as well as some of her own material Miki Peters is a must for all who love Real Country Music at its very best.
Chris Harris
Chris came late into country music. Following a late night viewing of a Garth Brooks concert, he began to listen to every sort of Country Music there was. The range of styles available is still one of the things that amazes him most. Playing in Bands and duo's before finally taking up the solo Role. He now plays the length and breath of the country.
Kerry Fearon ( Ireland)
This multi talanted artist of stage and screen has so many strings to her bow. Horizon award winner. DJ and compere. You are really going to enjoy her first appearence here at Towerfest.
Bandlands Country Band
A 4 piece, all-live country band, based in and around Sheffield. The result of a shared belief that live music still has a major part to play in the ever evolving UK Country Circuit, and a collective enjoyment of the music they play. With the view that a quality country song will always stand out, they look to chose material from all eras, old and new to put together a show that will appeal to a wide audience, and delivered and performed with energy and enjoyment, always!
Boomer McLennan And The Rhytham Rangers (USA)
What can we say about Boomer Mclennan other than he will be one of the main stars of the weekend. The wandering minstrel will be among the crowd giving us a brilliant climax to our Saturday night. Boomer and the boys will fly in from the USA to their now Yorkshire home at Towerfest.
Tanya Turner
This lady is from the north east of England from the town of Middlesbrough she has been singing all her life but only went back into the country music scene 3 1/2 years ago she starting to make a big impact on the circuit with some excellent reviews Tanya loved what she does and it shows.
Trey Jackson
A few year back we saw Trey Jackson in a promotional event up North and recognising his talent we invited him to do a Towerfest showcase. He received several booking and invitations to perform on the back of that and we hope that we helped to launch this young man's incredible career which goes from strength to strength. Now an award winning artist we hope you take him to your hearts as you did that day when a very nervous Trey walked out on the Towerfest Stage.
James And Wood (Scotland)
James N' Wood. This charismatic duo were formed about two and a half years ago bringing together two excellent musicians and entertainers, Steve James and Martin Wood
Roots And Wings
Kelly Cobbett and Husband Michael make up the this very exciting Duo of Roots and Wings. They perform a wide range of country music to satisfy the listeners dancers and partners.
Jess And Ragged Company Band
Jessica and the ragged company are a powerful new force in the country arena. She has been described as young, vivacious and ready to take the Country Music Scene by storm, this Lancashire lass has everything it takes to be the next big thing in Country Music.
The Danny Lee Band
They say there’s no substitute for experience and that’s certainly the case with Danny Lee and his band. They have an absolute wealth of experience between them, performing to country audiences throughout Britain and Europe for many years. We are sure here at Towerfest you will make them most welcome
Gary Perkins And The Breeze
Gary Perkins and the Breeze will always be one of the best festival finishing bands to grace a stage. Pure entertainment that leaves people wanting to return the following year. A sprinkle of the new with their proven special arrangements that will blow you all away to return next year.

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